10 questions to ask a secretary before hiring her for a job
Khalid Khan
January 3
To hire a secretary is an important procedure for any employer in a business. Keeping a secretary is essential as her job is to organize the things of her employer, to file the important documents, arrange the travels, coordinate the schedules, and keep a track of all the expenses and important details that are essential for any business.

Along with these skills, a secretary must have strong oral and written communication skills, reliability, adaptability to all types of environment, and attention to detail.

However, It's the job of the employer to explore these skills beforehand so that the secretary they will hire cannot negatively impact the performance of the organization. To do this, the employer must ask certain questions to the person he/she is planning to hire in the place of a secretary.

Following are the 10 questions that an employer must ask a secretary to avoid any future problems.
Ask the reason for applying for the secretarial position
This will clear to you most of the vision of the interviewee and the types of answers will make you judge the analytical as well as the communication skills of the interviewee.
Ask his thoughts about the important skills a secretary should possess
This question will help you get a better idea of the mind of the person and you will be able to match up the thoughts of the interviewee with those of the requirements of the organization.
Ask him thoughts about the most important motivations to succeed at work
Thoughts are the reflection of character of the person and answer to this question will enable you to judge organizational skills that are needed for a better operation of the company.
Ask about her main strengths and weaknesses
Every person has some strengths and weaknesses, and of course, your secretary would also have. But, to know her strengths and weaknesses beforehand will help you to examine the strength of her character and the things that can affect her and ultimately to the organization.
Ask her vision of herself, or where she sees herself in the next 5 years
This is an important question to be considered in illuminating the skills of the secretary. The answer to this question will let you know whether the person you are going to hire for an important post is compatible with the vision of the company. Also, the person worthy enough to be hired for the company or not.
Ask about the reaction to a situation where the person is given a task but not the complete instructions
The answer to this question will let you know about the managerial skills and you will be able to examine whether the person can handle any abrupt and sudden situations of emergency.
Ask the person about the fears in playing the role of a secretary
This is another important question that must be asked by an employer so that he/she may be able to know about the situations that can freak the person out during the duty. Some of them may be avoidable but if the situations are not avoidable and her reaction can affect the performance of the organization then the person shouldn't be hired.
Ask about the experience of handling the large support team
This will surely let you know about the person's ability to handle the team and the organizational skills that are a must for a job of secretary.
Ask about the project that the person enjoyed very much during any other managerial job at the organization
The answer to this question will let you know about the personal preferences, the likes and dislikes of the person and you will be able to match their compatibility with the needs of your organization.
Ask the person about a thing that he/she likes the most in the post of a secretary
This is another most important question to be asked by the employer because the answer to this question will let you know the real purpose of the person to apply for the job. This is a good question to analyze the mentality of the person and then decide whether the mind and thoughts are useful for the organization or not.
The success of an organization greatly depends on every member among which the secretary plays an important role. The wrong choice of an employer regarding the secretary may lead an organization to the path of failure. So, the choice must be made carefully after analyzing many aspects of the nature of the job.
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