Why Hire HR with Legal Background
Khalid Khan
December 02
For large companies to function properly, the human resources department plays a vital role in developing the business. Almost all the organization's employees disagree on something in time, therefore, the HR department is the one that employees could rely on and discuss the issues with. HR plays an important role in business today and adds immense value to an organization.

An HR professional with legal expertise can even prevent an organization from litigations and lawsuits, which are common practices of lawyers.

The HR department makes effective decisions.

With a legal background, an HR professional helps the company to avoid any unnecessary claims that may damage its name and also knows how to respect the rights of employees. In this way, employees feel secure in discussing their issues with HR personnel.

An HR department becomes more efficient if they have employees with a legal background, and here is why:
Legal Challenges of HR Department
Workplace discrimination is now common in today's world. Some people consider it as a joke while others disregard this issue altogether. In this situation, the HR department interferes and protects the aggrieved party.

To protect employees against discrimination against gender, race, religion, etc. Equal Employment Opportunity laws and regulations are put into practice. The professional must be well versed with such laws as only he will protect the rights of employees. Also, employees will feel safe if their rights are taken care of as per their expectations.

We observe that sexual harassment in our society has become a serious matter. HR employees should have legal training on harassment so that they could identify the cause of it and take preventive measures.

Those HR professionals who are legally educated not only recognize harassment but also know how to prevent it from happening.
Safe Work Environment and Benefits of Employees
For any organization, growing employee benefits are the most important factor. No doubt the more benefits a company provides to an employee, the more skillful they will be at work.

The most respected benefits that an employee expects is medical and health insurance. We notice activities like corporate yoga, masseurs, and gym memberships also attract candidates while applying for a job.

It's ultimately the responsibility of HR to identify what the basic needs of an employee are. However, a legal professional can prevent any lawsuits or events from happening in a company. As an example, working continuous hours in the office by sitting in sedentary positions causes back pains, HR department knows very well how to take care of such issues by providing the employees with ergonomic chairs and desks for their protection.

To ensure employees work in a safe environment, there are certain occupational safety laws and regulations in place. HR makes sure that in case of any emergency or injury, the bills will take care of the employees.
In this corporate world, an additional qualification in law with Human Resource Management is mandatory. Considering this, a HR manager with a legal background is more capable of handing the issues of employees and makes effective decisions as compared to non-legal HR managers.

In an organization, employees depend on the HR department for protecting of their rights. HR Department with legal background works towards providing a reasonable resolution to issues and also suggests the best legal solution for the developing situation.