Employee Motivation and its Effects on Employee Performance
Khalid Khan
December 19
Motivation is an essential aspect that drives a person to work with more dedication. It helps you proceed in your path. Motivation is an all-time need. In both, good and bad times, motivation is the key to get through productively.

Motivation helps you keep your passionate spirits incorporated at work, and helps to achieve your goals with utmost determination. It allows you to keep going, and you never get frustrated as it makes the project you're working on exciting and interesting. Whatever challenging tasks you confront in life, motivation will enable you to accomplish them.

What is Employee Motivation?

Employee motivation is defined as the measures taken by the executive or top management of an organization to encourage their employees in driving their performances at the workplace, for the better. It helps the employee develop an affiliation with their workplace. The companies which focus on employee motivation, usually have long term employees, as they built a very trusting and worthy relationship between them and their staffs.

Ways of Employee Motivation:

By now, you may have an idea of what employee motivation is. We are designing this article to help you with all the details of employee motivation, so it becomes effortless for you to implement it directly in your organization to get better results promptly.

Following are some ways through which you can motivate your employees:
Motivation has many forms, and when it comes to employees, the best motivation is incentives. Incentives play an essential role in encouraging employees to work more effectively. The incentives must be added to higher achievers in terms of their performance at work.
Tea and Coffee Facility:
Maybe your company isn't in a position to afford incentives, but have no fear. A simple facility for providing tea and coffee in the workplace can also be a very enhancing motivation factor for the employees. It won't be costly, but it keeps the environment refreshing and comforting. Employees feel pampered, and they try to give their best while doing their tasks.
The most common working hours worldwide are from 9 am to 5 pm. The employees have to go around the same routine every week, with only two weekend days. It could be a little frustrating to the employees, so to get their minds fresh and back to their fast pace, organizations could arrange recreational trips.
Share Them with Your Team:
Trips work as a very high motivation factor as visiting new places helps the employees to feel rewarded and respected. It also plays a significant role in keeping the employees in good social relationships with each other and strengthens the team bond.

It is also very helpful in grooming employees. Some multi-international companies even arrange international tours which motivate the employees and allow them to be more knowledgeable, competent, and confident.
Its Effects on Employee Performance:

Employee management has very positive effects on the performance of the employees. The following highlights a few points:

• It helps them keep working with more determination.
• It makes them incline towards a long-term affiliation with the organization.
• It keeps the environment of the workplace humble and friendly.
• It prevents chaos and frustration.
• It is refreshing for the employees.

All these points move towards the better and productive performances of the employees. Hence, employee motivation has a very positive and catalytic effect on employee performance.

Employee motivation can play a vital role in getting productive and enhance performance from your employees. The above article mentioned all the quick details that you need to know about employee motivation.