How to change director of W.L.L. company in Bahrain
Khalid Khan
February 14
Any change in the Board of Directors of a With Limited Liability (WLL) company should better be made as per the provisions given in the Commercial Companies Law of 2001, and the memorandum of association of the Company.

It is also pertinent that the need for changing directors in a company must be duly justified and approved by the shareholders of the company. Therefore, it is important that the process for change of directors must be clearly laid down in the Memorandum of Association so that there are no issues at later stages.

Procedure for Change in Directors - How to Change Company Director

In general, the processes involved in the whole procedure for change in directors in a with limited liability company is as follows:

A board resolution is passed at the General Assembly Meeting for appointment of a new director unless its an Extra General Assembly Meeting called for urgently appointing a new director.

In the resolution the details of the directors is mentioned and approval by the existing partners/board members etc is clearly reflected.

The application is made to the Ministry and based on passport a security check might be done or might not be done.

The existing partners or directors CPRs and/or passport copy might be required by the ministry as well.

If the Ministry has no objection and find no fault in the board resolution then the change will be accepted and the records will be updated.

One more important thing i.e the Director must have completed at least 21 years of age in order to be eligible to be a company's director while he can be shareholder even if he is 18 years old.