8 steps of the company registration in the Kingdom of Bahrain
Khalid Khan
February 4
As a foreigner it might look exceedingly difficult to set up a business in the Kingdom of Bahrain, but trust us, it's not so tough if you have done your homework in advance and you are ready with all the required documents related to the company formation.

Let us take you through the easy steps required to set up a company in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
Choosing the name of the company. For company registration in Bahrain, one of the prerequisites is to have a unique name for the company which should not be identical to existing names. The Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism ("MOICT") will not approve an application if the name is similar, deceptive, or identical to the existing name which can cause confusion to the public. Also, the business name should relate to the business you need to practice in the Kingdom of Bahrain. For example, your restaurant can't have a name of a consulting firm etc.
Choosing the business activity. Every investor has certain expertise and according to their expertise, they wisely decide the business activity for the company registration of the company in Bahrain. It is pertinent to mention that all the activities are not 100% allowed for the foreigners, which requires the investor to choose another activity or choose a limited liability structure for the company in partnership with a local sponsor. It is important to mention almost all activities are allowed if you are GCC National and American national along with the Bahrainis.
Choosing the company structure. There are various structures for the company registration in Bahrain and most small business owners opt for a With Limited Liability ("W.L.L") company which could be opened by a single person or in a partnership with multiple partners up to a limit. While doing company registration in the Kingdom of Bahrain one of the main reasons is the limited liability of the companies which keep the personal wealth of the owners safe. Some other available structures are Partnership Company, the Bahrain Shareholding Company – Closed, Bahrain Shareholding Company – Public, Foreign Branch etc. However, in case of frauds the personal wealth might also be attached.
Deciding company's capital. Even though now it's not mandatory to have a very big capital for the company, but still a respectable amount makes the registration of the company much easier. We normally advise companies based on their activity to go with a minimum of $5000 (Five Thousand United States Dollars).
Choosing office for the company. An office for the company is also required and the office can be chosen based on the budget of the investor and requirement. It is pertinent to mention that offices are not required for all activities and some might require shops etc. as well. Many companies can initially set up their office in incubators and business centers as well.
Licenses and approvals. This is one of the most pivotal steps in the company registration in Bahrain. Your consultant/lawyer/agent/advisor whosoever is helping you with your company registration in Bahrain must tell you in advance the requirements. Also, please take notice any additional documents or details could also be asked at any time.
Choosing the right bank. The investor has to choose a bank also for opening a company account in which the company's capital will be deposited. This is the last step in the Company registration in the Kingdom of Bahrain and banks normally ask for a board resolution and the bank account statement of the partners to verify the source of the company's capital.
National Security Approval. Even though I mention this as the last step, but in actual, this is the first step for company registration in the Kingdom of Bahrain. When the initial application is submitted, the application is first referred to NPRA (Nationality Passport Residence Affairs) in the Kingdom of Bahrain for security check. If the application is rejected and a defected comment is made by NPRA on the submission of application by you it means you have not been deemed fit by the NPRA to be allowed to have business in the Kingdom of Bahrain. You can try to know what has been the exact reason for rejection as well and sometimes it's rejected for technical reasons as well and not because you are a security risk to the country.
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