5 investment ideas for your retirement
Khalid Khan
March 21
All of us at a certain stage of life do realise we have not shared enough for our retirement.This is one of the mistakes a lot of people including me did but it's better to be late than being sorry. As we grow old our body starts getting tired earlier and needs more effort.

I have met a lot of people who worked all their life and spent a lot of wealth but in present they don't have anything in the name of assets and they can't even meet a $5000 medical bill god forbid if something serious happens to them.

Therefore, based on my personal experience and experiences of my friends I decided to write this article for all those who have crossed 30 or who are 25 plus and want to retire peacefully while living a comfortable life.The below article is only my personal opinion and please feel free to adopt or reject the suggestions mentioned herein.

The 5 things which you should do to plan a peaceful retirement are as follows.
Health Insurance
There is nothing more important than understanding "If health is lost everything is lost" so the sooner you start to focus on your health the better it will be. If you are lucky enough to have a company paying for your health insurance then it's something you can avoid but if you have a family make sure all of them are covered because medical bills can create big holes in your pocket.
Term Insurance
Term Insurance is a kind of insurance which provide life insurance to you for the term chosen by you.If anything happens to you during the term of the insurance your nominee will be paid the entire amount for which your life was insured. If your term insurance offers critical illness cover as well then you must add that also to your insurance even if it costs you a little more.
Equity Investment
Nothing gives return in the long run like equity provided you understand the concept of share market and bet on good companies. A $1000 invested in the Amazon are more than $10000 as of today. A $1000 invested in the Tesla are more than $30000 today. A $1000 invested in the Facebook 10 years back are more than $6000 today. It is suggested to hire professional service in case you are not aware of stock markets or you will create big holes yourself in your pocket.
Mutual Fund
Mutual Funds is a pool of stocks in which your money is invested by the fund manager. This is a better option for those who cannot watch the stocks on their own. However, it is very important to understand the charges charged by the mutual fund and you should invest in a fund which is giving returns for a long period of time rather than someone who has given return only in the last 1 year or 2.
Pension Scheme
Last but not the least you should invest in a pension plan or savings for yourself for any emergency. Something like corona is an emergency and people who were saving money since a long time could have easily managed to sail through it.
There is no limit of expenditure. The more you earn the more you can spend so to avoid future troubles make a thumb rule to invest 20-25% of your income or salary in equity, mutual funds, gold, land or anything but don't spend everything.

If you think you don't make enough to save then understand a $70 monthly SIP (systematic investment planning) for 25 years amounting to $20706 @12 rate might become $129676 in 25 years. You just need to be so disciplined to do that on a regular basis.
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