3 proofs that negative feedback from clients
is good
Ekaterina Khan
December 28
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We as businessmen cannot satisfy everyone, but this is not necessary. After all, reviews provide an opportunity to see weaknesses of the business and work on them.

They give an idea how to improve the service, lift customer focus and thereby be closer to your client, increasing loyalty.
Proofs that negative feedback from the clients is good for your business
You should not be afraid of negative reviews or the fact that they will ruin your good reputation on the Internet.

There are three big pluses in the negative reviews that only a few people think about.

  1. Negative feedback solves such a problem in a company as developing your own templates for responding to objections. If you monitor all negative reviews you make certain conclusions on the client's objections. You may easily prepare templates which you could use for answering objections.
  2. Negative reviews help to understand the main "pain" of your clients. Means, those problems of the clients which your services or products must solve.
  3. Negative reviews help build loyalty of regular customers. As I said, clients will see that the company they have chosen and which they trust is not getting away from problems, but solving them. This significantly increases the level of reputation in the eyes of a regular customer
Would you like to be left only good and laudatory reviews? Any business should have space for growth, and, as we have already found out, there are no perfect products and services. Therefore, do not strive for positive responses, strive for honest ones.

Clients don't like only good reviews. Too positive assessments suggest a trick and outright lies.

Therefore, you need to work to ensure that visitors leave you the most truthful feedback, and not impersonal "I liked everything, thank you". Such reviews are not believed, they are "deafened", such reviews do nothing good for your business, because they do not disclose details.

In next article, I will tell you how to respond to negative feedback from the clients, how to work with them, and what to reply to them.