How to Protect Your Business from Bad Publicity
Khalid Khan
December 05
In today's technological world, marketing a product or service is easy with customers. Information shared through the internet spreads quickly. Either it's Bahrain or any other country, businesses can face challenges like bad publicity of their product. Such mishaps can happen due to several reasons like through a disgruntled employee, a post on the social media page, and others. It depends on how you respond to such criticisms because, in the end, this reflects the reputation of the business.

In this article, we focus on how to protect your business from bad publicity and overcome crisis:
Maintain Good Relationship with Employees and Customers:
Most of the companies suffer due to relationship conflict with their employees, customers, and competitors. It is always recommended that for the smooth running of a business a good understanding should be developed with employees and customers so that they don't spoil your reputation in the market.

A business strategy should be adopted not only in building an adequate relationship but also in retaining it. This helps in the satisfaction of employees and customers which also results in the positive feedback of business in the market.
Quickly Responding to Customer Complaints:
Businesses make the mistake of not responding to their customers' complaints in a particular frame of time. It is quite obvious that a delay in resolving complaints might result in losing a valuable client. A small mistake often creates big problems for businesses if not resolved immediately.
Controversial Aspects Should be Avoided:
Nowadays, the use of controversy is important for businesses to highlight their product or service in the market. However, certain controversial aspects should be avoided like religion, politics, abuse, sexuality, and racism.
Overcome Failure through Outstanding Performance:
For every organization, there is always another chance to overcome their mistakes through outstanding performance. It is a positive attribute for the companies, as people often forget what happened in the past and your outstanding performance prevails in their mind. Businesses should remain silent and let your performance speak for you.
Apologize to Disgruntled Customers:
Customer retention is the key to the success of a business. In this regard, customer satisfaction should be on priority. At some point in time, bad feedback/reviews are expected from customers. The best approach is to handle the issues and there is no harm in apologizing to the disgruntled customers for the sake of a good reputation for your business.
Importance of Contingency Plan for a Business:
Whatever the strategy you develop to protect your product, sooner or later bad publicity will affect your business. For companies to develop and succeed, it is important to be well prepared with some contingency plan which helps in responding to criticism.

It takes only one weak moment to ruin the entire reputation of a business. To protect a business from bad publicity, it is commanded to follow the mentioned points. Customer loyalty should always be given preference as they are key for highlighting the good and bad aspects of a business in the market. Also, the disgruntled employees should be handled in such a manner that they don't exaggerate the situation and ruin the company's image.