How to Open a Food Truck in Bahrain
and What Can Be Sold There

Khalid Khan
December 27
Food trucks are among the best-motorized vehicles that can make you earn a great deal of money simply by cooking and selling things. These provide you a great opportunity of starting a hassle-free small business that you can handle on your own.

On top of it, if you live in Bahrain you can easily set up your food truck to sell a variety of food items and earn a peaceful living. These are a large-sized vehicle or trailer that is well-equipped to cook the food and serve to sell it.

Why you should start a food truck in Bahrain?

Food trucks can be opened anywhere (as approved by the Municipality) in any city where you live. However, if you are a citizen of Bahrain you get the following benefits of setting up a food truck in the Kingdom.
  1. Bahraini people are traditional food lovers and are easily attracted to food trucks in Bahrain.
  2. Street foods are a great site of attraction for people roaming around in the streets either for shopping or roaming around.
  3. During the Muslim holidays, the chances for people enjoying the large family meals grow manifold so it's quite a great opportunity for you to earn a good profit out of your food truck.
  4. Featuring easy mobility, they allow you to drive them anywhere at any place of your choice where you find more customers/food lovers.

How to open a food truck in Bahrain?

The initiative of setting up the food trucks by many small businessmen is greatly supported by the municipal councils of Bahrain. You just have to make sure that you have completed the following processes that are needed to start the process.

1. Licensing

You shall register your food truck at the General Directorate of Traffic Services when you have obtained a commercial register with all the necessary licenses that are needed to start the food selling activity view of your food truck.

2. Get a Vehicle

Taking into consideration the size of your vehicle you want, buy a food cart and set it up with all your sale-related food items.

3. Find the best-suited food item to sell

After searching the market and the interests of people make up your mind for the food items that you want to sell in your food truck.

4. Financing

Creating a finance plan for your food truck. You can get financing from various owners. You can opt for owner-financing or move to various places to get financing for your business.

5. Get Insured

Take on some major insurance costs for your food truck business. Talking with an agent and explaining the food truck's purpose will provide some help.

6. Find a suitable parking place

Select the best place for parking your food truck where you feel that your business will attract more customers and a greater profit.

What can be sold in Food Trucks in Bahrain?

The choice of selling the food items may be tough for some and it greatly depends upon the city you are setting up your food truck. However, when you are in Bahrain, know that you can set up your food truck selling up a wide variety of food items like:
  1. You can sell some most amazing fresh fruit drinks and other fruits-related items that people love to have while passing by.
  2. Small fast food-related items can also be sold for junk food lovers.
  3. Potato fries can serve to be a great option when it comes to selling them in the food trucks in Bahrain.
  4. Espresso, coffee, and tea selling are some of another great option.
  5. Some homemade small food items like rice and others can be sold in the food trucks.
  6. For cheese lovers, cheese-related items can be set to earn a great amount of profit.
  7. Sweets and ice-creams can also be sold in the food trucks.
  8. Breakfast serving food trucks can be set up that could sell salad and all breakfast related items.
  9. Sandwiches can also be a great option for you when you are starting a new food truck business.
  10. Whatever you may think to introduce a new item to the market, you can include it in your food truck and it will earn a great profit for you in the Kingdom of Bahrain.